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Confucius Institute
VOLUME 15 | NO.4 JUL. 2011
uly and August had the hottest weather in China. It was as
“hot” as the annual “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency
Competition for World University Students. This summer,
118 contestants from 68 countries gathered in Hunan, to
start their journey on the 10th “Chinese Bridge.” After one
month’s competition, omas Plesser, from Austria, won first prize.
Hanban launched the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency
Competition for World University Students in 2002 to better
accommodate the increasing demand on Chinese educa-
tion. This international Chinese proficiency contest in-
cludes two parts: overseas preliminary contests and the
final contest in China. Ten sessions of the competition
have been held since 2002, from 49 finalists from 21
countries in the first session to 118 finalists from 68
countries in the 10th session. Both its scale and
influence have expanded in the past 10 years. An
increasing number of university students take
part in the overseas preliminary contests and
more than 900 outstanding participants have
the opportunity to come to China for the final
competition. Large audiences of nearly 100
million, both in China and overseas, watch
the program via TV or the Internet.
In the past 10 years, more than 900 univer-
sity students from over 70 countries have com-
peted in China. As many as 100,000 students
have participated in the overseas preliminary
contests across the world.
“Chinese Bridge” is more than a mere com-
petition. It has become a “carnival” and “Olym-
pics” for the world youth who love Chinese lan-
guage and culture. It is regarded as an international
competition with wide influence. The competitors
come into contact and make friends with each other
through the competition. ey also develop their knowl-
edge and love for China because of the competition. e
participants of the past 10 sessions have reached out to the
world from the “Chinese Bridge.” ough they are engaged in
different work now, they have since forged an unbreakable bond
with China.
“One trip to China -- a life-long connection with China.” “Chinese
Bridge,” a bridge of friendship, souls and peace, attracts those coming towards it,
influences those walking on it and inspires those having crossed it. Every one who has
experienced it has a great memory, an unforgettable story, and a cherished friendship.
Ten years means a conclusion and also a fresh start. On this occasion, the editorial
department of
Confucius Institute
presents the important moments of the “Chinese
Bridge” development for readers.
6 5 SEP.