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“Language is the bridge of friend-
ship. I hope everyone can learn more
Chinese,” said a teacher from Italy’s
Turin Confucius Inst itute, in his
Chinese speech at this year’s Chinese
2011 Chinese Pro ciencyTest Summer Camp
proficiency test summer camp.
The ten-day summer camp was
sponsored by Hanban and organized
by Beijing Normal University Affili-
ated Second High School. It attracted
On August 26, 2011, the Chinese-
French bilingual magazine “Confucius
Institute” was shown at an interna-
tiona l forum held at Futuroscope
Convention Center, Poitiers, France.
It received enthusiastic attention from
the attending guests.
With the theme of “China’s Role
in International Institutions”, it was
hosted by Prospective and Innova-
tion Foundation chaired by President
Jean -Pierre Raffarin, former French
prime minister and incumbent deputy
speaker of the senate. More than 300
world renowned guests, including Vice
Secretary-General of United Nations
Alain Le Roy, Vice Governor of the
World Bank James W. Adams, Chair-
man of the Food and Agriculture Or-
ganization of the United Nation Luc
Guyau, General Inspector of Finances
of French Ministry of Finances Jean-
Michel Severino, and Vice President of
Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign
Affairs Cheng Tao attended the forum.
e Confucius Institute at Univer-
sity of Poitiers, as a co-sponsor of the
magazine, was invited to participate in
the forum and set up a special exhibi-
tion stand. President of the University
of Poitiers Jean Pierre Gesson and the
Director of the Confucius Institute
introduced to the guests the activi-
ties of the Confucius Institute and
Chinese-French Bilingual Magazine of Confucius
Institute Shown at International Forum in France
总第 期
月 第
pated in the event. After 11 rounds of
competition,Sebastien Roussillat, a
French student from Shandong Nor-
mal University won the first prize and
the title: “Star of Chinese Language.”
e preliminary contests began on
May 15 this year, receiving positive re-
sponse from universities across China.
It attracted almost 10,000 overseas
students from 120 universities. The
Chinese International Channel of
CCTV broadcast 21 preliminary
contests, 10 final contests and a live
broadcast of the final competition
to the world. Almost 100 million
watched the program via television
and the Internet.
Based on experience from the pre-
vious competitions, this year’s made
reforms and innovations to bring out
the highlights of the competition
and the unique character of the com-
petitors. One of the innovations was
“Competitors Passageway,” in which
the previous competitors interviewed
the current competitors about what
they felt on and off the stage. Besides
giving comments and scores, the
judges also focused on communica-
tion and interaction with the compet-
itors. e panorama stage design also
integrated the competition with the
performance, presenting a fashionable
and beautiful Chinese language gala.
The competitors said the experi-
ence was unforgettable and that the
competition not only provided a
chance to demonstrate their Chinese
skills but also offered an opportunity
to make friends and learn about a
changing China. “Chinese Bridge” is
not just a competition; it is an interna-
tional platform for people-to-people
exchanges. It builds a bridge for
Chinese language-lovers and Chinese
culture-lovers to study Chinese and
develop friendships.
e “Chinese Bridge” competition
has been held four times since the
first one in 2008. More than 100,000
students from over 70 countries have
participated in the events.
(Zhou Xinhua)
Photo by Xiu Boming