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August 1 to 25, a series of training
programs for Chinese teachers to be sent
overseas were held at Chinese Universities,
including Beijing Language and Culture
University, East China Normal University,
Nankai University and Hainan Normal Uni-
versity. e programs, organized by Hanban
(Confucius Institute Headquarters), enrolled
603 teachers from nearly 300 kindergartens,
primary schools, high schools and universi-
ties in 26 Chinese provinces, municipalities
and autonomous regions. ese teachers will
be sent to teach at over 240 Confucius Insti-
tutes (Classrooms) in 90 countries and 123
overseas primary schools, high schools and
This program highlighted the principles
of problem-solving as its goal, case-method-
teaching as its center and clear aims as its
emphasis. e programs provided site-specif-
ic training, employed case-method teaching,
practical training, task-based teaching and
independent learning to increase effective-
ness, practicality and pertinence. Some cul-
tural skills courses, such as Chinese shadow
boxing, paper-cutting, gourd flute, and cal-
ligraphy, were also provided to meet teachers’
varied requirements. In addition, teachers
with experience teaching in over 20 coun-
tries, including the United States, Britain,
France, Russia and ailand, were invited to
share their experience of the various cultures,
education conditions, and students of their
respective countries.
The teachers said the training helped
improve their Chinese teaching skills,
Chinese culture promotion awareness and
cross-culture communication. And they
would take advantage of this training
program and play an active role of a non-
government ambassador to increase friend-
ship between countries.
(Zhao Yanqing)
HanbanHoldsTraining Program forTeachers
to Be Sent Overseas
Confucius Institute
VOLUME 16 | NO.5 SEP. 2011
Hong centered his lecture on
Confucian thoughts.
Besides, the headquarters
also invited over 20 out-
standing Chinese directors
of Confucius Institutes to
share their own experience
and introduce the Chinese
directors’ responsibilities, the
Confucius Institutes’ annual
schedule, routine manage-
ment, instructional design
and market development,
cultural projects planning
and organization, admin-
istration of teachers and
volunteers, publicity strate-
gies, and the promot ion
of scholarship and HSK, a
Chinese proficiency test. e
concerned officials from the
headquarters also introduced
the headquarters’ policies
and the key projects that the
headquarters provides for
Confucius Institutes.
The participants thought
highly of the courses’ design
and practicality in their feed-
back. They said the training
program helped deepen their
understanding of the respon-
sibilities of Chinese directors,
expand their global horizons,
and build up their confidence
of the future work. e pro-
gram was held from August
18 to September 8 at Dalian
University of Foreign Lan-
(Zhang Ke)
2011“Chinese Bridge”Chinese Pro ciency Competition
for International Students in China Concluded
Awarding ceremony of the 2011 "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Pro ciency Competition for International Students in China. Photo by NieTingjie
August 12-28, the 4th “Chinese Bridge”
Chinese Proficiency Competition for Interna-
tional Students in China was held in Beijing
by China Central Television (CCTV) and
Hanban. A total of 100 competitors from 43
countries and 67 Chinese universities partici-