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“I have been learning Chinese for
two years, but I still cannot express my-
self fully in Chinese. I will work harder
and want to be involved in diplomatic
work developing friendship between
China and the U.S. in the future.” “I
have been learning Chinese in the U.S.
for three years and am very interested
in Chinese language and culture. I hope
to further my studies in China in the
future.” On July 17, a total of more
than one hundred teachers and students
from 18 high schools in Washington,
San Diego and Miami etc. began their
learning exchange at the High School
Base for International Promotion of
Chinese in Shanghai University of
Finance and Economics, starting with
their self-introductions. At the same
time, 14 high school bases for interna-
tional promotion of Chinese in Tianjin,
Chongqing, Jilin, Shandong, Henan
and Shaanxi started the 12-day “Chinese
Bridge – Summer Camp for American
High School Students”.
This Summer Camp attracted the
participation of 586 American teachers
and students. e event was organized
by Hanban and co-organized by 24 U.S.
Confucius Institutes and 3 U.S. Confu-
cius Classrooms.
Each High School Base for Interna-
tional Promotion of Chinese designed
its activities according to the develop-
mental stages and Chinese proficiency
of American high school students and
their Chinese proficiency in mind. ey
have opened Chinese language cal-
ligraphy, traditional Chinese painting,
paper-cutting, music classes, interesting
physical education activities, and mar-
tial arts classes. They will organize for
students to visit local historical places of
interest, arrange get-togethers or infor-
mal discussions with Chinese students
and make plans for them to enjoy a
‘Home Life Experience” activity.
Hanban will hold the closing cer-
emony of the Summer Camp in the
auditorium of Beijing Royal School on
July 29, when the campers will be is-
sued course-completion certificates and
students of excellence will receive prizes,
further inspiring students’ enthusiasm
for learning Chinese.
“Chinese Bridge – Summer Camp
for American High School Students” is
a Chinese language and culture experi-
ence program for students at American
high schools and it will be held annu-
ally during the summer vacations. Its
aim is that of improving exchanges
between Chinese and American stu-
dents, deepening American high school
students’ understanding and experi-
ence of Chinese language and culture
and stimulating their enthusiasm for
learning Chinese language. Since 2007,
2,881 high school students have been
invited to China to attend the “Chinese
Bridge – Summer Camp for American
High School Students”.
(Zhao Jiajia)
2011“Chinese Bridge – Summer Camp
for AmericanHigh School Students” Opened
During the welcome ceremony, a
Hanban leader explained the fact that
the representatives from American
elementary and secondary schools,
currently visiting China, were recom-
mended by local Confucius Institutes.
Some of them had the intention of
establishing a cooperative relationship
with elementary and secondary schools
in China as a result of this activity and
some hoped to gain a richer under-
standing of China’s education system,
language and culture. He emphasized
that Hanban will spare no effort in
providing assistance and creating op-
portunities, and that it will serve as
a platform and a bridge for exchange
and cooperation between Chinese and
American schools.
During their trip to Beijing, the
representatives attended a Briefing on
the Current Climate of Elementary
Education in China which was held at
Beijing’s Xiyuan Hotel. ey also paid
a visit to Hanban. On June 21, the rep-
resentatives parted company, leaving for
five provinces and cities including Tian-
jin, Chongqing, Jilin, Henan and Shan-
dong, where they visited local promo-
tion bases for Chinese language as well
as elementary and secondary schools,
at which they engaged in informal
discussions with representatives from
provincial and municipal education
departments, headmasters of elemen-
tary and secondary schools and direc-
tors of foreign language courses. They
observed foreign language teaching in
elementary and secondary schools, and
interacted with the students.
Since its launch in 2006, “Chinese
Bridge for American Schools" has invit-
ed a total of over 3,800 senior person-
nel such as headmasters of mainstream
American elementary and secondary
schools as well as education officials to
visit China. Chinese education is cur-
rently rapidly developing in the U.S.
with more than 4,000 elementary and
secondary schools having opened Chi-
nese language courses.
(He Wei)
Photo by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics