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Confucius Institute
VOLUME 15 | NO.4 JUL. 2011
sessment indices, as well as the enhancement of teacher train-
ing and teaching materials development.
e representatives said many Confucius Institutes in
Europe have been in operation for at least three years;
therefore, it is very important to formulate a development
plan so the institutes can be well oriented and organized,
highlight their features, and boost Confucius Institute
development to a new level. As to the standards and as-
sessment indices, the representatives are most concerned
about how to work out quantified indices for model Con-
fucius Institutes. Representatives also made proposals for
enhancing the competence of directors and teachers.
An exhibition on the achievements of the Confucius
Institutes in Europe, a news conference about non-Eng-
lish teaching materials, and performances by Confucius
Institute students were held during the symposium. A
Confucius Classroom in a Hungarian-Chinese bilingual
school was also opened on the sidelines of the symposium.
To date, 117 Confucius Institutes and 99 Confucius
Classrooms have been set up in 33 countries and regions
in Europe.
(Cao Ding)
a large and different coun-
try. Obviously, culture is a
channel to learn about each
other. We have dif ferent
condit ions and our own
“ is trip to China has been amazing. We have com-
municated well with local education departments and
students. We will adhere to the path of promoting Chi-
nese language courses; it is a win-win situation for China
and the U.S. and the students of both nations.” “Each
part of this visit has been excellent. The visit has been
a life changing experience.” “I hope to visit China once
more and to learn more about China. We will continue to
promote the development of long-term cooperation and
friendship between schools, the communities in which
they are located and between our nations.” ese were the
comments made by representatives that had participated
in the 2011 “Chinese Bridge for American Schools" upon
the completion of the activity.
On June 19, a total of 216 elementary and secondary
school headmasters and education officials from 17 U.S.
states embarked upon a week long “Chinese Bridge for
American Schools". This activity was hosted by Hanban
(Confucius Institute Headquarters), and its aim was that
of enhancing American elementary and secondary school
headmasters' and education administrative officials’ under-
standing of China. Another of its goals was that of promot-
ing the development of Chinese language courses at Ameri-
can elementary and secondary schools.
2011“Chinese Bridge for American
Schools: NewDevelopment”
Reaches a Successful Conclusion
problems. But universities
are places where studies
are conducted to find solu-
tions. Therefore, I think
our univer s it ie s shou ld
expand cooperation, help
each other and rea l ize a
win-win situation.”
With the efforts of both
Chinese and foreign sides,
the Confucius Institutes in
the world have made rapid
progress with remarkable
achievements. So far, 340
Confucius Institutes and
460 Confucius Classrooms
have been set up in 101
countries, among which, 28
Confucius Institutes and
four Confucius Classrooms
were established in 12 Ibe-
ro-American countries.
(Cao Ding)
Photo by Confucius Institute Online