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总第 期
月 第
The 2011 Working Symposium for
European Confucius Institutes was
held from May 16-18 in the Hungarian
The 2011 Joint Conference of
Ibero-American Confucius Institutes,
sponsored by Confucius Inst itute
Headquarters and hosted by the Uni-
versity of Buenos Aires, was held on
June 21-22 in Buenos Aires, capital of
Argentina. Almost 100 participants
attended the conference, including
the Chinese directors from 27 Con-
fucius Institutes (Classrooms) in 12
countries, cultura l or educationa l
counselors of Chinese embassies, Ar-
gentine officials, representatives from
the University of Buenos Aires as well
as representatives from Confucius In-
stitute Headquarters. The Argentine
capital Budapest. Hungarian President
Pal Schmitt sent his congratulation
to the symposium. Deputy Speakers
of the Parliament of Hungary István
Jakab and István Újhelyi, President of
the International Society for Chinese
Language Teaching Xu Jialu, and Di-
rector General of Hanban and Chief
Executive of the Confucius Institute
Headquarters Xu Lin attended the
symposium and made speeches.
The three-day symposium is spon-
sored by Hanban, attracted more than
180 representatives, including Chinese
and foreign directors of 60 Confucius
Institutes that have been in operation
for three years in 22 European coun-
tries, and some officials of Chinese
partner universities and Chinese consu-
lates and embassies. e representatives
conducted in-depth discussions on the
formulation of a development plan for
Confucius Institutes, the establishment
of Confucius Institute standards and as-
2011Working Symposium for Confucius Institutes
in EuropeHeld inHungary
2011 Joint Conference
of Ibero-American
Confucius Institutes
Held inArgentina
vice educationa l minister and the
Hanban director-general also attend-
ed the conference and gave speeches.
e participants had extensive and
in-depth discussion on Confucius
Institute’s three-to-five-year develop-
ment plan, local Chinese teachers’
training, development of Chinese
teaching materials, the new Chinese
proficiency test and the application
process for Confucius Institute schol-
Hanban Di rec tor-Genera l Xu
Lin said that there has been no lack
of students for the Confucius In-
stitute in Ibero-American areas but
the problem is a lack of Spanish-
and Portuguese-speaking teachers.
She said it takes time to address this
problem and the Chinese side will
step up efforts to train more local
teachers while sending more teachers
from China.
The Confucius Inst itute at the
University of Buenos Aires is the first
of its kind in Argentina. e univer-
sity president said, “The Argentine
people have often wondered how to
make exchanges with China -- such
Photo by Confucius Institute at Eötvös Loránd University