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Confucius Institute
VOLUME 15 | NO.4 JUL. 2011
“My friend you are leaving far away
today. Let us cheer.” The sound of de-
lightful singing sound rang out from
the Grand Forum at Hanban (Confu-
cius Institute Headquarters) on July 19.
Songs sung by the young vocalists from
the U.S., China, Italy, Uruguay, Latvia
and Mexico etc. were used to draw the
curtain at the opening ceremony of the
first “I Sing Beijing – Hanyu Academy
of Vocal Arts”. Director-General of
Hanban Xu Lin, President of the Uni-
versity of International Business and
Economics (UIBE) Shi Jianjun, Presi-
dent of Asian Performing Arts Educa-
tion (APAE) Martha Liao, a Chinese
opera performer residing in the U.S.
and the Art Director of I SING BEI-
JING Program Tian Haojiang as well as
Chinese and foreign teachers and stu-
dents attended the opening ceremony.
“I Sing Beijing –Hanyu Academy of
Vocal Arts” was co-organized by Hanban
and the Asian Performing Arts Council
(APAC) and hosted at the University of
International Business and Economics
(UIBE). It is a brand new Chinese edu-
cation program catering for international
vocalists. Since its initiation in March
this year, the program has roused broad
interest within the field of international
vocal music and attracted many enthu-
siastic applicants. After a rigorous selec-
tion process spanning over 3 months,
The 2011 Seminar for Confucius
Institutes for Asian was held fromMay
27-29 in Daegu, South Korea. The
event gathered more than 150 repre-
sentatives from Confucius Institutes in
13 Asian countries and Chinese uni-
versities. South Korean Vice-Minister
of Education and Science Kim Chang-
Kyung and Daegu Mayor Kim Bum-il
attended the seminar, Director General
of Hanban and Chief Executive of the
Confucius Institute Headquarters Xu
Lin attended the conference and made
a speech.
The representatives focused their
discussion on the development plan
of Confucius Institutes and teacher
training as well as the development of
teaching materials. ey said that the
formulation of the development plan
depends on a clear orientation and
a standard system for qualified and
model Confucius Institutes, which will
help improve the management and the
quality of Confucius Institutes.
As to the issues of teachers and
teaching materials, the representa-
tives said the shortage of teachers and
teaching materials is common in Asian
countries. ey suggested working out
a five-year plan and establishing a sta-
ble contingent of teachers from China
and training local Chinese teachers.
Some representatives proposed the
publication of qualification standards
for international Chinese teachers and
an outline for teachers training so that
all Confucius Institutes can have teach-
er training and employment criteria.
An exhibition of the achievement
of Asian Confucius Institutes and a
Chinese textbook display were also
held during the seminar. In addition,
experts from Tongrentang, the famous
Chinese pharmaceutical company,
gave a cultural lecture on Chinese
traditional medicine for the representa-
(Tian Lei)
20 young international vocalists stood
out from their peers and were granted
the chance to receive training in China
for the first time, with the objective of
learning to sing modern Chinese operas
in Chinese. Together with 6 outstand-
ing young vocalists selected nationally,
they will undergo a month long Chinese
language training and Chinese and for-
eign opera performance training. World
renowned operatic performers and vocal
music experts will provide these students
with lessons.
I Sing Beijing will present a final
gala concert at the National Centre for
the Performing Arts in Beijing on Au-
gust 18th. e songs to be performed
at the concert will include highlights
from well known modern Chinese
operas such as
Ode to the Yellow River
Tiger Mountain by Strategy
e White Haired Girl
etc. It will
be the first time for the Western vocal-
ists to sing highlights of well known
modern Chinese operas and classical
Chinese songs in Chinese at a formal
concert. Cooperating with the Confu-
cius Institute, these vocalists will give
subsequent touring performances in
the U.S., performing these Chinese
operas, and bringing into a brand new
mode by which local students may
learn Chinese language and under-
stand Chinese culture.
(Du Jia)
I Sing Beijing – HanyuAcademy of
Vocal Arts Opened
2011 Seminar for Asian
Confucius Institutes
Held in South Korea
Photo by Xu Jianjun