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总第 期
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On June 13, a Chinese-Greek phi-
losophy conference, “Aristotle and
Confucius in Modern society,” was
held in Athens of Greece. The con-
ference, co-hosted by the Business
Confucius Institute in Athens and the
Athens University of Economics and
Business, also attracted the attention
from both Chinese and Greek govern-
ments. Greek President Karolos Pa-
poulias also attended the conference.
During the conference, Mr. Xu
Chinese-Greek Philosophy Conference
Held inAthens
Mr. Xu Jialu delivering a keynote speech at the Chinese-Greek philosophy conference. Photo by Zhang Chun
Jialu, former Vice-Chairman of the
9th and 10th Standing Committee of
the National People's Congress and
President of the International Soci-
ety for Chinese Language Teaching,
received a special award for his “out-
standing contribution”. Mr. Xu deliv-
ered a keynote speech “Crossing Time
and Space, Thinking of a Way Out
– Review of Ancient Philosophers”.
He said: “Our conference also crosses
the great distance between the East
and the West and crosses over 2,000
years of time. Scholars of Chinese and
Western civilizations join hands to
turn to the great ancient philosophers
to help find the way out of the present
dilemma and the way to peace and
e two-day conference gathered
renowned scholars and other dis-
tinguished persons. e 11 speakers
included such world-class philoso-
phers, thinkers, managers and econ-
omists, such as Neo-Confucianism
schol a r Tu Weiming , Amer ic an
management specialist Prof. Danah
Zohar, and British Kenyon Medal
for Classical Studies winner Prof.
Geoffrey Lloyd. More than 120 re-
nowned scholars from over 20 coun-
tries and regions, including China
and Greece, discussed the present
day value of Confucius, Plato and
other great thinkers’ philosophy as
well as solutions to pressing prob-
lems the world is faced with.
(Cheng Ye)