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总第 期
月 第
n July 15, Chi-
nese President Hu
Jint ao rece i ved
a group of spe-
cial guests from
overseas students
and faculty members from Walter
Payton College Preparatory High
School, Chicago, U.S., who were
visiting China at the invitation of
the president.
President Hu visited the high
public school, which houses a Con-
fucius Institute, in January this
year during his visit to the United
States. He met with the teachers and
students there and invited them to
spend a summer vacation in China.
More than 20 students and faculty
members from the high school start-
ed their trip to China on July 11. e
most exciting part of their trip was
visiting Zhongnanhai where Chinese
leaders welcome distinguished guests
in an exclusive setting.
An overnight rain had refreshed
Beijing’s air. e trees and grass were
luxuriantly green in Zhongnanhai.
e students ventured through the
Yingtai compound and were deeply
impressed by the beautiful scenery.
ey took great interest in this clas-
sic garden and its stories. Some of
them also took photos.
Around 10 a.m., President Hu
came to Yingtai from his office. He
talked with Chief of Chicago Public
Schools Terry Mazany who headed
the visiting group and Acting Prin-
cipal of the Walter Payton College
Preparatory High School Michael
Hermes. President Hu said he was
very glad to meet them again. He
said it is especially important to
strengthen exchanges and coopera-
tion between Chinese and American
educational institutions so as to pro-
mote educational development and
deepen understanding and friend-
ship between the two countries’
youth. Terry Mazany, on behalf of
the group members, thanked the
Chinese president for his invitation
and said he would make a greater ef-
fort to promote exchanges between
American and Chinese youth. Mr.
Hermes told President Hu that they
had visited some schools and would
establish partnerships with two high
schools in Beijing and Jiangsu Prov-
ince. The president said he hoped
the partner schools would maintain
close relation and enhance commu-
nication as well as cooperation.
President Hu and the two
American guests strolled along the
lake to Zhanxu Lou, an ancient,
two-storied building in front of
which they joined the visiting stu-
dents. They happily greeted the
president who, broadly smiling,
gave each student a warm hug,
welcoming them to Zhongnanhai.
Looking at these excited students,
the president asked, “Is this your
first trip to China?” “What most
impressed you during your trip?”
e students eagerly responded and
told him what they saw and experi-
enced in China.
President Hu and the guests
walked to the waterfront pavilion
Yingxun Ting. Yingxun which
means“Enjoying the breeze from
the southeast”. In the pavilion, a
student, on behalf of the Walter
Payton College Preparatory High
School, presented the president with
a painting of the skyline of Chicago
and a photo of the president when
he visited the school. e painting,
created by the students themselves,
bears the signatures of all the visit-
ing students and depicts the Great
Wall, a panda, American city scenes
and a bear. ey also wrote “Grand-
pa Hu, we love you!” on the paint-
ing. The Chinese president said he
liked the gifts very much and then
presented the students with picture
albums of Zhongnanhai, Chinese-
English dictionaries and Chinese
calligraphy brushes.
President Hu also surprised
Mackenzie Trumbull, a tenth grader
and also the principal painter of the
painting, by giving her a birthday
gift because that day happened to